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A Few Interesting Facts about Handheld Ham Radios

A handheld ham radio can provide plenty hours of fun for the ham radio enthusiast. It can also be a lifesaver when a local emergency strikes. For whatever reasoning that you choose to use your radio, make sure that you have the proper equipment and follow all important rules. This form of communication has been around for numerous years and is still gaining in popularity. The following article is going to provide a few interesting facts about ham radios in general.

Ham Radio Licensing

Ham radios are a wonderful source of entertainment, but ham radio owners also have a huge responsibility as well. There are many rules and regulations that you have to learn before you can legally operate a ham radio. There are many channels involved and you must not get in the way of the professionals who use them to handle emergencies. This is why licensing is required before you are allowed to actually use a handheld ham radio.

Band Frequencies

Due to the nature of how ham radios work, there are various kinds of available certifications. As a result, there are different certification tests. Simply put, a ham radio has low and high bands. The lower the band, the lower the testing level is for that certification. The lower bands are where most newbies and hobbyists hover. These are the low frequencies where people like to hang out and talk, which is why a high certification is not needed. However, as the bands go up, testing certification also gets higher and harder. However, once the exam has been passed, your personal call sign will be issued. You are then free to use your handheld ham radio to communicate with the rest of the world for free.

What to Look for in a Handheld Ham Radio

Most newbies like to start out with handheld ham radios because they are simple and pocket sized. However, as time goes on, you can upgrade depending on how you intend on using your radio. This could be for business purposes, as a hobby or even just for emergency purposes. However, there are still a few things that you should look for when purchasing your new handheld ham radio.

1. First, make sure that your radio is purchased from a credible US dealer. Unfortunately, some ham radios are not approved by the FCC. You do not want to buy a handheld ham radio that causes problems for the frequencies that are monitored by the FCC.

2. Second, look for ham radios that have a keypad for entering your frequencies directly. Without this feature, you will have to key these in via memory and also retrieve them in the same manner. This would be okay if you are using your handheld ham radios for hobby purposes only. Just a few used frequencies will be needed. However, your ability to key in new frequencies at a moment's notice will be hampered without a direct entry keypad. This could be the case during an emergency.

3. You will need a display that lights up so that you can see what you are doing 24/7.

4. A repeat reverse button will make usage much more convenient.

5. Make sure that your radio comes with a manual that you can understand and use.

6. Do not purchase ham radios that do not give you the capability to use an external jack.

All in all, ham radios are a fun way to communicate with the world for free. If you learn and abide by the rules, this should be a form of communication that can provide hours of fun and entertainment.


Wireless Waterproof Speakers for the Outdoor Area in Your Home

Wireless waterproof speakers can help to ensure that the perfect atmosphere is created in the outdoor area, without fear that the equipment will become damaged. Many people are using their pool and garden areas far more and want to create the ideal relaxation and entertainment zone. Therefore, placing the speakers near the pool is extremely common. Electrics and water do not mix; therefore, purchasing these speakers is essential.

There are several different factors to consider before purchasing the waterproof speakers including where they are to be placed. If the main unit is a distance away, you may want to consider using wireless waterproof speakers. This will ensure that wires do not need to be placed around the garden, which can become damaged. If the garden is large enough, several speakers can be placed ensuring that the perfect ambience is created.

Weather is an important factor for the garden and although people will not be sitting outside when it is wet, bringing in equipment every time it rains can be an issue. Being able to position them and leave them in place all year is a huge bonus. Careful consideration will need to be thought about regarding if the speakers should be weather proof or waterproof. There are vast differences and one will certainly become more damaged than the other.

The wireless waterproof speakers will either be powered by batteries or solar energy, both of which are very effective. If batteries are needed, the home owner needs to consider how easy they are to change and how often the y will need changing. Solar energy speakers are far more cost effective, better for the environment and easier to use. They are more expensive, however, there is no additional cost meaning that the homeowner will save money.

Outdoor speakers are designed far more durable than other styles, and they will last far longer than household speakers. Anyone will notice the difference from the weight and style of the outside speaker to a conventional indoor style. Although they are more robust, the waterproof outdoor speakers are still extremely attractive and can come in different styles and sizes. They can be very small and be hidden in the flower beds and plants, or larger wall mounted styles.

Whatever style is chosen they will look terrific and ensure that the outside space is enhanced and improved. The speakers are ideal for family and friends to enjoy listening to music during the summer months. When they are positioned correctly, the music will not need to be turned up high. If the correct wireless waterproof speakers are put in place everyone can enjoy the music around the barbeque area, whilst in the pool, or in the chill out area.

Finding the waterproof speakers is remarkably easy and they can be fitted with very little effort by the homeowner. If in doubt, an electrician can be called; however, the speakers require putting in place and tuning into the main CD player or radio. Other than that there is nothing more to do other than decide where to place the speakers, and sit back and enjoy.


Selecting And Installing High End Home Theater Systems

High end home theater systems have become more and more popular over the last couple of decades and many home owners have a dedicated room in their home designed to simulate a movie theater. A well designed home theater room allows you to recreate the experience of the cinema in your own home and provides a great source of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. If you are interested in designing your own home theater, you will find the following information on selecting and installing high end home theater systems beneficial to achieving your goal successfully.

Choosing your Home Theater Room

In order to select the appropriate components for your home theater system you will first have to determine the room in your home that is best suited for setting up a home theater. The best type of room is one with no windows such as a basement or bonus room however, if you do not have this option you can install blackout curtains or drapes to that are made out of a heavy material to cover the windows which will create a darkened room and also help to block out any outside sounds. Carpeting should also be installed in the room as sounds from high end home theater systems will bounce off of tile or wood.

Once you have selected the room for your home theater you will then have to take some measurements in order to determine what size television set will be the most suitable. The measurements should be taken based upon the available wall space and the intended seating position of the viewers. The recommendation for optimal viewing is a seating distance of approximately two and a half times the width of the television screen. For example, if your television has a thirty six inch screen, the viewer should be seated approximately seven and half feet away.

The Main Components of High End Home Theater Systems

The main components of high end home theater systems consist of the television, receiver, DVD player, and speakers. There are several types of television sets you can select from depending on your budget that include the plasma and LCD TVs which can be mounted on the wall. The direct view television sets are also an option and are less expensive or you can choose a front projection TV system which is the closest to displaying the quality and size of a real cinema. The receiver is one of the most important parts of a home theater system and should include the "Dolby Digital 5.1" sound technology which produces the "surround a sound" which emulates the sound in a movie theater.

Selecting the right speaker system is also important in order to experience the same level of sound quality in a movie theater. Your sound system should consist of a subwoofer and satellite speakers for the left, right, front, and back of your home theater. Positioning your speakers correctly is essential for the optimal listening experience and you can experiment by listening to the sound effects in several different movies and re-positioning the speakers until you are satisfied with the sound. By doing some research on high end home theater systems, you will be able to find the one most suitable for creating your home theater.


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